Our Vision

As the prices of homes in the GTA are rising, prospective home buyers are realizing that access to the housing market in the GTA is quickly becoming unattainable. The population is moving east, and Clarington is now enjoying a more diverse population. Although the face of Clarington is changing, the services and products do not yet represent that change. There is currently no ethnic grocery store in the area. We discussed the possibility of opening a West Indian store and now it is a reality! We hope to open our doors in the early months of 2021.

Our History

Our family has owned and operated stores and businesses successfully for more than 30 years. My parents often tell the story of starting their first shop selling bagged flour and sugar, tomato and callaloo that was grown in my father's garden, and seasonal fruits and vegetables. This small "try something" venture grew to be a community staple. My father made deals with farmers in the community to sell their goods on consignment. Local factories that made baked goods kept our store stocked with fresh bread and buns . . .

Commitment to customers

The entrepreneurial spirit is strong in our family. My father is not quite retirement age, but I can see the toll that mechanic work is taking on him physically. He genuinely cares about his clients and will work from 7 am until whatever hour to ensure timely service. He would rather put in the extra hours than to have a customer miss work or spend money on a rental car. My father speaks fondly not of the amazing store that he left on the island, but of the small shack that he and my mother built and sold bagged sugar and flour out of. He is proud of the impact that he made on his community. We hope to make an impact here as well.