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Juvia's Place

Juvia's Place The Wahala Eyeshadow Palette


The Wahala Eyeshadow Palette lets you unleash your fiercest eyeshadow looks with its expansive array of 20 bold and intense shades including green eyeshadow, orange eyeshadow, and cosmetic glitter eyeshadow, too.

Wa- ha- la is a Nigerian Pidgin word meaning drama, trouble and intensity. We were heavily inspired by the craftsmanship of African Masks, which embody the traditional culture and are used in ceremonial activities. A mask must come to life by the wearer of the masks to symbolize a mood. We played around with very symbolic colours which represent unity, love, excitement, fruitfulness, boldness, authority, and lastly growth and healing. All of which can be dramatic depending on the wearer of the mask.

Featuring shades made to play, you'll find full-spectrum colour with all-day-every-day wearability, making it the best rainbow eyeshadow palette around.


BE YOU: A matte dark berry burgundy
UNAFRAID: A shimmery medium toned purple with a frosty finish
ENVY: A beautiful shimmer pink-violet duo-chrome with light blue pearls
WOKE: A matte lavender violet
STANDUP: A shimmery champagne
PRIDE:  A soft muted matte mauve-y nude
SIS: A matte cool-toned dark brown
UNSHOOK: A deep shimmery pewter
FIGHTER: A metallic vibrant light-medium green
GOSSIP: A intense buttery metallic gold with a green undertone
OVER SABI: A dark yellow mustard brown
PEPPER BODI: A sparkling champagne gold glitter
FIRE: A fiery matte intense red
RUMORS: A shimmery metallic coppery rose
UNSILENCED:  A matte coral red
BUSY BODY: A playful bright matte magenta pink
POWER: A metallic mermaid blue-green duo-chrome
YANGA: A sparkling deep aqua green glitter
LOVE: A matte Crayola blue
CLOUT: A sparkling blue glitter

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